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Refinery29 says, "[this girl's] about to break, big time." And perhaps this is one of those moments when you should believe the hype. After cutting her disc jockey teeth in NYC, Whitney Fierce joined Hercules and Love Affair as a vocalist and touring member, singing their DJ Kicks single, "Release Me." Upon returning to LA she reunited with her first love, DJing, and is in the studio constantly, creating new tunes, after having unleashed two EPs on the world earlier this year. Stay tuned for more, and check her guest vocals on Subb-an's latest album on Crosstown Rebels, co-production and Vocals with Eric Sharp on Win Music, and feature with many others. 


If you haven'theard of her yet, the coming months may prove it's impossible to do that any longer. 

Whitney has played for Dior in Paris,

Nylon in New York, the Mayor in LA, and

is New Order's tour DJ. On the decks, 

Fierce blends her background

of classical musicianship with a

powerful flair for the eccentric,

bearing bangers pumped-full with

catharsis and a stylish humor that basks

in the dance-floor madness. She is very

proud to play non-shitty tunes, and is still

stoked about not being universally hated. Also, important people say she's cool (and that's the point at which you should start questioning the hype.) 

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